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Arrangement of modules: 2 rows, vertical
Angle: 25°/30°/35°
Installation: post driven ground mount
Solar module: 60-cell (120 half-cell); 72-cell (144 half-cell)
Material: high strength structural steel S350GD
Anti-corrosion coating: hot-dip galvanizing, optional Magnelis coating

PW System also meets Eurocode 1 standard, and are sized to withstand up to 110km/h wind load and 100 cm snow.

In order to make the most economical use of the solar panels, our experts recommend creating a row spacing that ensures that the panel is never covered, regardless of the solar incidence angle.

Layout Solar panel Angle Suggested row distance (mm)
V2 60 25 7250
V2 60 30 7900
V2 60 35 8450
V2 72 25 8550
V2 72 30 9300
V2 72 35 9950
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Suggested row distance